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   As the earth resource reduce by degrees, the ecological environment worsens day by day, the world have paid much attention to environmental protection question. IPPC, the many other organizations and countries have already begun to stipulate complexities environmental regulations, especially European Union promoting environmental regulation most positive, make ' electronic equipment harmful substance of electrical machinery limit the use of the order (RoHS ) ' in 2002, forbid 6 kinds of harmful substances from on July of 2006, as well as so many countries adopt a this norm to implement. The green environmental products will be main products in the future, and make a great impact on all enterprises, if we neglect the existing trend, will cause greatest influence on its economy and industry. And these regulations include transport packing and shipping pallets, the traditional Wood packaging that does not comply with the requirements should be disposed of in an approved manner.

Global Environmental Trend
  Traditional wooden pallets are made of trees, the whole world the trees will be less and less in the future and the tree price will keep going up. In order to protect the earth ecological environment that we live together, so many countries, such as U.S.A, European Union, etc. they have officially announced the implementation of import regulations, all export shipments to these countries would now have to comply with the legislation. We believe the wooden pallet is fast becoming a highly uneconomical and obsolete product and it will be replaced by the pallet making by environmental material, especially paper pallet, it¡¦s character is recyclable, clean, safety, strong, meanwhile it can lower your shipping costs.

Environmental Trend of The Pallet
  1. Before October of 2004, recommend environmental concepts, but there is no definite norm.
  2. RoHS regulation comes into effect formally in October of 2004.
  3. On July 1 of 2006, European Union changes to adopt the environmental material pallet in an all-round way while importing.
  4. It is estimated that begins in 2010, the global export stipulates that must adopt the environmental material pallet.
Paper Pallet
  • Lightweight, safe, clean and easy to operate.
  • No fumigation costs, no heat-treatments, no insect pests, no discard disposal costs.
  • 100% Recycling, disposability and meet environmental legislation.
  • According with the demands for RoHS international regulations.
  • Lower price, saving shipping costs.
  • Clear customs fast and more efficient
  • Promote the international images of enterprises.
  • Global trend in the future.
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